The track was created with the aim of interpreting and satisfying the needs of MTB lovers and off-road cycling in general.


Via Dei Mandorli 71042 - Cerignola Foggia (FG)

A true CYCLIST GYM, easily accessible, modeled in compliance with the technical regulations of the various specialties, surrounded by nature in the context certainly suitable to reconcile the stressful rhythms of today's life, with an eye for those who see the sport as a moment of recreation, aggregation and fun and not just as competitive exasperation.

Naturally, the track can be defined as an excellent integration to the physical form of every cyclist thanks to the remarkable technical characteristics and the innovative opportunity to be able to ride ALSO IN NIGHTLIFE since the circuit is equipped with an integral lighting system.

The 1.8 km sports facility is particularly suitable for this purpose, as it is an area with gradients and a terrain that allows the practice of sports in all seasons, all completely planted with tall trees.

The track features various tracks completely off-road with different levels of difficulty that wind through the vegetation and climb the steep banks with relative descents, all artificially created by the Special Bike Soc Coop.

The facility is equipped with toilets, refreshment kiosk, secretary and podium area for the Federal competitions of the Puglia region and also National, all developed along the edge of the tracing wooden picnic areas that are combined with the surrounding nature.

It is also available a 'equipped bike wash, everything needed for mechanical assistance.

The project presents a series of dunes that resume the tracks of Pump Track still little known and preached in Italy but much appreciated and admired by young people.

The MTB Special Bike Cross Country Track is the meeting place of the Special Bike Team; because, thanks to its structure and organization it turns out to be an ideal reference point, because it can offer both space, for the practice of mtb, and services, for meetings with its members.