Our history

The Special Bike is born from the passion for the bicycle of Diciolla Francesco, born in 1960 in Cerignola (fg) from father farmer and mother seamstress, smaller than five children begins to ride a bike at 12 years passing from debutant for two years to student for another two years and then an amateur third series for a year.

The Championships and the beginning of the career

In 1977 he participated in the Italian championships in Sassari, ranking sixth in the sprint. After this experience he abandoned the sport that fascinated him so much because there was no economic availability to move to big cities to make a career.

His father wanted to teach him the job of the land but inside himself he was burning the desire to carry out an activity that would make him return to his passion ... "the bicycle".

So he began to frequent shops that repaired bikes, then practicing at home, dismantling and reassembling his bike.


The birth of Special Bike

After many years he opened a bike repair shop and started to develop the idea of a real bicycle assembly factory.

The years go by and within him he feels the desire to widen the tour also dedicating himself to the assembly of wheels. This is how the Special Bike was born. "Special bicycles" because they are assembled only with the best materials, with all the passion and precision of the owner who controls them one by one flanked by his wife and his three children.